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  • Back again …

    I’d say my visitors are gone, since I haven’t posted here in more than half an year. We’ll get them back, no worries about that What happened all this time? Well, we had another 6 months in NYC, so we spent 12 months in 2 years. That’s awesome, and I can’t find words to thank our wonderful friends for taking us into their home and taking care of us like they did. This wouldn’t be possible without such wonderful people around. I’m working full time as a freelance web designer and can say it’s finally worth all the stress and … Continue reading

    The polite thing to do when someone’s linking to your blog

    I’ve decided to ditch the top 10 articles roundup for 2 reasons: 1. most of the times it’s actually difficult to find something worth reading and linking too (and I do monitor almost 200 blogs) and 2. more than half of them don’t give a trackback, making this useless as a link building strategy. Since it’s a waste of my time and link “love”, I’ve decided to use Mondays for something better. Since my dissatisfaction with their content won’t make too many bloggers change their involvement, in the end it’s a subjective thing (what I find to be a lousy … Continue reading

    Inception Movie Review

    Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a sci-fi criminal who, with the help of a team of sleep experts, works his way into people’s subconscious in order to steal their most valuable assets: their ideas. Find out more!

    5 things to have in mind BEFORE starting a forum

    There’s a confession to be made: I LOVE FORUMS. I love posting in some of the best communities in the world, I love running my own communities and everything about it. My first forum was started in 2002 and for the past 9 years I’ve worked on my communities, learned how to handle them and tried to make money. I had success, I’ve failed miserably too. Bottom line: I got a lot of experience and it really was fun. READ MORE!

    Top 10 blog articles: January 3-9 2011

    Well, in case you’re here for the first time this year: HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’ve got some nice articles for you to enjoy, so this week’s top 10 for our blog is as follows: 5 Link Baiting Ideas For Bloggers – making others link to our blog posts is not that easy. Here are some tricks. Working from Home: a Survivor’s Guide – although I have never seen my freelancing life so “dramatic”, here are some good tips to have in mind, when working from home. Three Simple Steps to Break The Habit of Saying “Yes” – for so many … Continue reading

    Morning Glory Movie Review

    Becky Fuller is a hard- working TV producer and this land her into a job at “Daybreak”. She decides to make the full out of it by chalking out plans to revitalize it by roping in famous TV anchor Mike Pomeroy. However, her plans do not materialize as Promeroy refuses to cover many morning shows staples as celebrity gossip, arts, crafts and fashion and in short those that would improve the TRPs. Find out more.

    Ready for 2011!

    I’ve had an AMAZING 2010. It wasn’t all easy, but there’s been some events that really made it the best year I’ve ever had. My web design business grew steadily, I created tens of sites for my clients and was able to receive good feedback and provide a good service to them. We also traveled for 6 months, so it was a blast. We stayed at our friends in NYC, so I kinda know Manhattan as if I’ve lived there all my life. My resolutions for 2010 were almost entirely achieved, even if we did have a hectic schedule (not … Continue reading

    How to design a simple elegant news site template

    In this Photoshop Tutorial you’ll learn how to design a simple and yet elegant layout for a news blog. Maybe you won’t become a web designer overnight, but at least you’ll learn some of the tricks of the trade and understand what layouting is all about. We start with a new document. I have created a 980 pixels wide / 1200 pixels high file in Photoshop. Since I still design for 1024 wide resolutions, this means I won’t have an horizontal scroll bar and also can “stretch” the layout as much as possible to use any pixel possible. You can … Continue reading

    Skyline Movie Review

    A group of friends after a late night party get wakened up by a sudden appearance of light beaming through their windows. Not only they but the entire population of Los Angeles realizes that it is not an ordinary light but extraterrestrial occurrence that threatens to swallow the entire populace of the earth. The survivors have no option except to fight for their lives and the rest of the movie is woven around this plot. Find out more

    Because you’re supposed to

    We’re days before the Holidays start. Whether it’s Christmas or any other similar celebration or the New Year’s Eve, that doesn’t depend on religion anymore, people are maxing their credit cards, buying way too much food and try to show off, because … you’re supposed to. We’ve had a very difficult year in my country too. Hundreds of thousands of people were fired, their bank payments are late and some lost their homes or the cars they bought on credit. January will come with more cuts and even less money for most people. And still, these days, it seems like … Continue reading