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  • Ramona

    Welcome to my small presentation, dear reader. I am sure you are curious to know the one who’s behind this great project :)

    My name is the one you see on the domain name (Ramona Iftode), I’m an (almost) 30 year old woman from Romania, who works in the day as a radio DJ and at nights as a web designer. Who am I to teach you all the stuff I write about? No, I am not a specialist with a degree in web business or development, I am not even a native English speaker (I know it shows in some of my articles, but you’ll have to forgive my imperfections). I am just a woman who works a lot on her sites, who’s got clients and now she’s also got a web design firm. Here is my progress:

    • march 2002 – I design a site in Romanian about Karate. It’s on a FrontPage template, I don’t even know how to use the FTP client
    • in the months to come I work on it and learn some more: I start using dreamweaver and also discover Photoshop
    • 2003 – I launch a small site for my BF who’s into numismatics and get my first design “jobs” for some people. After I have 2-3 clients, I know it’s time to have a portfolio :D
    • the end of 2004 -  I launch Wtricks.com, one of the best sites in my network and then other 2 (now they are martialartlinks.com and linksforwebdesign.com)
    • 2005 – summer – I buy domain names for these and launch some other sites with domains/proper hosting
    • 2006 more sites, more work, some more clients too. Now I am a freelancer and also I see to have quite something to say in forum management
    • april 2007 – Dojo Design (the firm) is alive. The Letters Faculty graduate with no schooling in web design (aside working thousands of hours on my own) has her small web design firm
    • till this day: more sites, more clients, 2 blogs (one Romanian and this one). A lot of experience I just feel like sharing.

    Over the time I was fortunate enough to be able to meet some excellent people and be a part in some great communities. I was a moderator on KarateForums.com and PhpBBHacks.com, senior member on The Admin Zone and Admin Fusion, now I am a mentor on Site Point too.

    You can recognize me for my red nosed avatar and the name dojo.

    What is my purpose? To create good sites, have happy clients and share some of the things I was able to learn in 6 years of web design. I had no help other than the articles online, didn’t even have a computer of my own 6 years ago. I am a woman with no studies in this area, I work a lot and love each minute of it. I would like to think that at least some people might be convinced by reading this that you can succeed in life just by pure passion and an unholly amount of work. With these two I was able to build myself a name and a future. I am sure anyone can do it, just love this and work.