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    Each day I visit tens of blogs with topics ranging from web business to planting flowers. Even if there’s a lot of “noise” and horrible content, I can always find 10 excellent articles you might be interested in reading too.

    Top 10 blog articles: January 3-9 2011

    Well, in case you’re here for the first time this year: HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’ve got some nice articles for you to enjoy, so this week’s top 10 for our blog is as follows: 5 Link Baiting Ideas For Bloggers – making others link to our blog posts is not that easy. Here are some tricks. Working from Home: a Survivor’s Guide – although I have never seen my freelancing life so “dramatic”, here are some good tips to have in mind, when working from home. Three Simple Steps to Break The Habit of Saying “Yes” – for so many … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: December 13-19, 2010

    It’s almost Christmas, so I assume everyone is busy with shopping and preparations. If you’ve still got a minute to read blogs, here is our top 10 articles recommended for this week: 5 Tips for Using Google Webmaster Tools – I’m starting to use the system more and this really helped better my Webmaster Tools management. Easy Potato Pancakes – I am all for easy recipes, since I’m a disaster in the kitchen. And, since I also love potatoes, I think this can become an excellent side dish for us too. I Got Fired – well, it happens. Another victim … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: December 6-12, 2010

    The week that passed was full of interesting blog articles, here are ten of them: 7 Things NOT To Do Before You Have A Lot Of Blog Traffic – Some excellent ideas of how to make sure your new blog doesn’t “die” too soon. To Pay Off Debt or Save? That is the Question – escaping debt can sometimes be an excellent idea. Having some money saved is a nice solution. Learn what makes one or the other work better. For best results, use a measuring cup – while I am not an advocate for becoming a calorie “nazi”, I … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: November 29 – December 5, 2010

    The last month from 2010 is already here. We’re planning for the holidays and still trying to keep in touch with the web world. Here are 10 blog posts from the last week, that I find worth sharing: A Twitter Exercise to Get More Followers – I cannot say I’ve been successful with this, but the idea does seem to make sense. Will try more searches and see if for another keywords I’ll be more successful. Grandma’s Money Lessons Still Are True – our folks taught us about the importance of saving money, not buying more than you can afford … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: November 22-28, 2010

    It’s Monday again. I’ve started my week with a lot of work to do, so am trying to be as effective as possible. Was able to list 10 more excellent articles for the week behind us, so that you have something to read while sipping your coffee and trying to postpone having to work Ten Ways to Invest $1000 without Putting a Dime in the Stock Market – when we think investment, we think stock market. Still, there’s more to investing than this. Find out 10 ways you can invest that money. Going Behind the Lines of Cinderella – an … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: November 15-21, 2010

    I’ve had a pretty busy week. Started working on some projects, am preparing to sell some of the sites, have also had a hard time conquering a city on Grepolis (yes, I waste time with online games too). The weather has been amazingly warm, it’s 20+ degrees Celsius, perfect for April, not November. Anyway, since I’ve always hated the winter, you can guess it was pretty nice to walk in the city in my t-shirt only. Even if busy with all the stuff, I still took time to visit DAILY some of my favourite blogs and try to keep my … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: November 8-14, 2010

    Firs day of the week, excellent time to try and see what good the previous one had brought us when it comes to good reading. I’ve seen tens of excellent articles, for our weekly round-up I have prepared our traditional 10 links. Enjoy: How do you keep motivated? – blogging is not easy and success doesn’t come too soon. This is why keeping motivated takes a lot of work. How do you make it? So You Think You Can Manage Multiple Blogs? Can You? – running more “gigs” can really help you develop your skills and create a small online … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: November 1-7, 2010

    I’ve had a busy weekend and a pretty weird week altogether, but am back home and it’s all just fine. So I took time to find some good articles for you guys to check out, if you haven’t read them already: The 1 Thing You Have to Understand If You Don’t Want Your Business to Tank – the importance of marketing for any business. Financial Lessons from a Different Generation – Learning from Grandparents – some of the amazing things we can still learn from the elders. A Lesson in Customer Service – a funny story of how customer service … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: October 25-31 , 2010

    It’s been a very busy week for me, many projects to work on, new deadlines over the ones already set, so I cannot but welcome the new week. I hope you’re all doing well and are ready to face a brand new week. Here is my 10 articles list for today. Enjoy. 19 Tips for a Happier You – I’m a firm believer in our own chance to make ourselves happy. No matter what life throws at you, if you know how to enjoy the little happy moments you have, it’s gonna be just fine. Here are 19 tips to … Continue reading

    Top 10 blog articles: October 18-24 , 2010

    I wasn’t as active too much this week, because of some work on my clients’ sites, but I surely did my reading and bookmarking. As usually, our lists takes us into freelancing, blogging, life and everything else. 8 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Can’t Find Good Employees – a very into your face article that still makes a lot of sense. How to Deal with Nightmare Clients – anyone who’s into business knows clients can sometimes really be a pain. Learn how to deal with the worst ones. Is Commitment out of Fashion? – how much importance do we put … Continue reading

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