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    Do you use Entrecard?

    I know Entrecard for quite a long time. Back then, the system was slightly different, less crappy content sites and more good blogs. I do know some great people since then and getting more active on this blog allowed me to visit their sites again and reconnect. Entrecard has changed, it’s bigger, more blogs, harder to find those writers who are committed more to providing addictive content than just fill the site with 30 banners and rewrite some articles to pass copyscape. While trying to get to a list of some decent blogs to read, I am started using Entrecard … Continue reading

    How to promote your blog through MyBlogLog

    Here is a small how to article about a nice way to promote a blog. It won’t do wonders to your traffic, but it will surely start up the traffic and subscriptions, if you also have a nice content. 1. first of all you need some content up. No one will bother stay too much on your blog, unless you have something to tell them. I won’t go into deep details about how important unique content is, I assume you’re not copying content, but creating your own articles.