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    Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar

    So far, in this category, I’ve only recommended specialized books, so it’s a good opportunity to review something else, with the promise of still making a tech book review at least once a month. Today, while I was browsing through my books (real ones), I stumbled across Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, a book I’ve read 4 years ago, but it’s good enough for a re-read. In all fairness, the book wasn’t signed “Sylvia Plath”, when it was first published, she used the name “Victoria Lucas”, back in 1963. Sad enough, Plath killed herself shortly after the book was published, … Continue reading

    Digital and Classic Photography

    I’ve been “connected” to photography since I was a kid, but only by watching my father take pictures and then develop them. I was too young back then to really understand how to work a photo camera, so working with films never got to me. This means I am a person who’s only taken digital pics and, even if now I could broaden my skills, it just doesn’t appeal to me. My skills are rudimentary to say the least. Have taken few hundreds of pics till this spring and most of them were sporting a bad composition and a lot … Continue reading

    How To Start An Internet Business & Make Your First $1,000 Online

    From the series “I subscribe to test stuff, so that you know it’s worth it” today I present you the gift we’re receiving if subscribing to the Entrepreneurs’ Journey. The book is titled How To Start An Internet Business & Make Your First $1,000 Online and was written by Yaro Starak, the blog’s owner with an extensive experience in making money online. Here are the most important aspects we’d surely benefit from remembering: Enthusiasm is the first and most critical ingredient to build a successful business – when you are passionate about your work, you can put in all the … Continue reading

    Make Money Online with John Chow

    Everybody and their dog use subscription systems to “draw” in more people. Some use Adweber, some other platforms. The race is the same. Attract as many people as you can to then brag with your high numbers. The best way to do this is to offer a “gift” by placing a free ebook for download or any other trick. The problem with many blogs is that they’ve got the idea from the big ones, doing this successfully over the years, but, even if the trick is the same, the “gift” might be of a very low quality, just to entice … Continue reading