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    The importance of quality comments on blogs

    I have written this article on my Romanian blog and the feed-back was amazing, so I thought I’d translate it for you too, those who are not that proficient in a not too famous language. It deals with comments we write on other blogs and the need for them to be of a top quality. Most of the times we think our job as a blogger ends when it comes to the content we create on the project. We think of interesting unique articles and hope this is all we need to do. Still, many of us are also avid … Continue reading

    What blogs should we comment on?

    The job of keeping a blog updated and trying to promote it means writing content. A lot of content on the site and off the site. We’ll try to discuss now about the content we write outside our blog to be promoted. This can happen by putting a link in our signature and posting in the forums that allow this and also posting good comments on other blogs. But how do we find those blogs that are worth it? What blogs would be more beneficial for us to comment on? Some blogs might be worth the effort since we just … Continue reading

    Blog comments: how to make sure the blogger will really hate you

    This blog article is a parody, please treat it like this   Blog comments are one of the few ways we can interact: bloggers and visitors. We can share similar experiences with the ones the author is presenting, we can promote our blog with that link, we can meet other interesting bloggers and in the end socialize in a very educated manner. We all love blog comments. We write and hope people like our articles. We cherish their input and hope we can get as much feed-back as possible from the people who visit our blogs. As a blog commenter … Continue reading

    How to start a blog?

    I got such a question from a visitor on my Romanian Blog and I thought it would be nice to not just discuss this privately with him, but to create an article. And since that article was well received by other Romanians interested in blogging, I thought now that it would be nice to make it available internationally. 1. What does a blog need? It’s the first thing we need to discuss: a blog needs QUALITY content, updated frequently (some talk about daily updates, most of us who want some traffic try to write as frequently as possible, 1 article … Continue reading