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    Atlanta from above

    This year we’ve been fortunate enough to visit the USA, New York City especially. Our wonderful friends took us in their homes and allowed us to see the city during out 6 month stay allowed by our tourist visas. And our friend’s bother, who lives in Atlanta, also took us home for 1 week to show us around. He’s a pilot, but I’d always said he’d made an amazing tour guide. He’s so good with taking us to amazingly beautiful places and give us the taste of the city, even outside the usual tourist routes. One day he took us … Continue reading

    The Locomotives Museum

    I’ve been fortunate enough to see some  amazing places in Europe and even the USA. From Munich to Prague, New York to Atlanta. Today I’ll write about a nice place one hundred miles from my city: Resita (Reşiţa – as we write it in Romanian). Few days ago me and the man had to take a small trip to the Semenic Mountain to solve something for one of our closest friends. If he was willing to drive more than 3 hours to get us to the Budapest airport, when we left for NYC, we can surely help with a smaller … Continue reading

    Fast-forward in Prague

    Each year we’d go to Berlin, at a numismatic convention. My man is into all this coin collecting stuff so in March we used to go to Munich and in October we’d visit Berlin. We do like to drive, so we always go by car. The trip to Berlin is never easy (over 14 hours of continuous driving), but he’s experienced and skilled, so there’s no problem with it. From Timisoara to Berlin, we have to go through Hungary, Slovakia and then pass the Czech Republic so that we can finally arrive at our destination. I still remember our first … Continue reading

    Trsteno Arboretum – amazing Croatia

    Well, it’s Friday already and people are thinking more about how to spend the weekend than how to make money online or work at their job. This is why I’ll reserve for our Fridays stories and photos from the places I’ve been so fortunate to see. We can take our mind from the daily struggles and also share experiences from our travels. The first place I’d love to talk about is a small “park” near Dubrovnik, Croatia. For the past 3 years myself and the ‘man’ have decided to go to Croatia for our summer vacations. We’ve got the Black … Continue reading