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  • The importance of quality comments on blogs

    I have written this article on my Romanian blog and the feed-back was amazing, so I thought I’d translate it for you too, those who are not that proficient in a not too famous language. It deals with comments we write on other blogs and the need for them to be of a top quality.

    Most of the times we think our job as a blogger ends when it comes to the content we create on the project. We think of interesting unique articles and hope this is all we need to do. Still, many of us are also avid blog readers and comment on them, not thinking too much of the advantages we can get from doing this the right way.

    Here are some of my reasons to take my comments seriously:

    1. By posting a good quality comment I show the blogger how much I appreciate the effort he/she put in the article.

    Yeah, I know it’s recession and people get fired. We’re less inclined to think about others when all we hear on the news is about the financial problems the entire world is facing. So how do I come to tell you we need to be more interested in others too, not just ourselves?

    Well, few days ago another blogger for my country told me she thinks sometimes my comments are way better than her own articles. Of course, I did take it as a nice joke from a person who’s also a friend of mine, but I liked the idea: that my comments are that good they “complement” the content she writes. Because I don’t think it’s a competition, my comments might give some ideas she might have not touched in the initial article. Is this bad? No, we can provide more good content for us all to read.

    The thing that makes me “jump” is the quality of the article itself. Sure, my comments might be good, but they come at an article that was that good to make me want to communicate. No, I don’t post only positive comments, sometimes I don’t agree with the article. And I do express my ideas in a polite manner, debating with care and also trying to give good reasons for me to have a different opinion.

    The article itself gains more perspective and complexity in the end, while I am happy to have read something interesting and be able to come up with my own ideas. I am a ‘geek’ and love reading a lot. I am frustrated when I see only posts I don’t have an opinion on. So, when something “meaty” comes along, I love commenting on it. And feel happy to be able to show my respect for that blogger and appreciation for a job well done.

    2. Call it “personal branding”

    People talk about this a lot. They are careful with the image and teach us how to be better perceived in the business world. A blogger who writes good quality comments will always be respected.

    A recent incident in the Romanian blogging world: a newspaper exec. who’s also got a good blog, was being “impersonated’ by a guy who had some unfinished business with her. He’d post horrible comments on some blogs and “sign’ them as her. Of course, it took the bloggers very little to realize it’s not her, but someone who’s trying to affect her image with these comments. They talked to her, provided her with the IP and it was easy to track the guy down.

    Why it was so easy?

    Because she’s a mature woman who’s done nothing but give quality comments on all blogs she read. I had some comments exchanged with her and both respect each other a lot. If that guy was to swear on my blog with her name, I’d know immediately something is wrong. She’s either drank or “sniffed”  something, or someone is messing with us. Since I know she is a respectable woman and blogger, you can guess I’d send her an email trying to find out who’s having an agenda on her.

    On the same note, I do hope that, if someone would use my name to mess with a certain blogger, my previous good respectful behaviour would make that blogger contact me to find out what’s wrong, instead of going on a personal “vendetta” with the “me: spammer”. If all I post are crappy comments, you can guess no one would question anything .. “yeah, it’s her again with those stupid comments”.
    3. A comment is also a link to you. A good comment can bring in some more attention.

    OK, back to business. You’re not interested in how much added value you can give a blog, you’re not interested in your image online. Then maybe you think about how much more traffic you can bring in with a GOOD comment.

    One of the first steps a new blogger is making is getting that link out there. So, he/she goes to some good related blogs and comments on some relevant articles. The first visitors he/she has will come from there. On the quality of these comments will depend the initial traffic and the first image people make of him/her.

    A good elaborate comment will always make people curious to see who’s behind it. They click on the link, come to your blog and maybe find it to be of a good quality too and stick around. This is very important for you since from them you’ll have your first subscribers and maybe fans.

    A good comment makes people respect you. From this respect you’ll benefit as a blogger and also as a person who migth want to get some money from blogging. An advertiser is interested in a good deal and a blogger who’s got such a good image will always be a good choice.

    Our work as bloggers doesn’t mean only creating some “premium” content for our projects, but also being present out there with good informative comments.

    About Ramona Iftode

    Experienced web designer, currently working as a freelancer. I have started my online journey back in March 2002. Since then I have created hundreds of sites for my clients and my small network and earned money online. I love traveling and taking pictures. You'll read about my experience and life.

    2 Responses to The importance of quality comments on blogs

    1. Blogs are a fantastic resource and have changed the world a lot I believe – anyone can be a publisher, and anyone can give instant feedback. A very different world to say newspapers in time past, where only a journalist could have their say, and it was a real effort to write a “letter to the editor”.

      So with that in mind I think it’s really sad that 99% of all comments left on blogs aren’t really trying to add to the conversation in any way, and are just trying to get a link. Even worse the fact that a lot of it isn’t even humans, it’s computer programs scouring the web and leaving random stuff.

      Just goes to show, anything great in this world that is created, someone else finds a way to use it for their own devices and mess it up for everyone else!

      Matt @ Brand Police´s last [type] ..If you build it- they won’t come!

    2. SEO Darwin says:

      Blog commenting is not only good for the commenter but also the webmaster. A website with healthy conversation in the comment area is a good site in the eyes of Google. They love blogs that are alive.
      SEO Darwin´s last [type] ..Promote Your Business With YouTube

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